The Magician Affirmations

The Magician card is one of my favorite cards in the deck. To me it represents personal power and using it in creating the life you desire. Transmuting the negative into the positive. Having the strength and power to make an impact. There is a beauty and gentleness to this power and strength.

In my last post The Fool affirmations I have two alternative ways of using affirmations and a way to re-word them if you feel any resistance when using them. Today I’ll share another way I use affirmations other then just repeating them.

I like to use the 5X55 method.

Here is a Video by one of my favorite YouTubers explaining it. https://youtu.be/N3p1mPz9o44


• I am Focused.

• I am the master of my life.

• I create my own reality.

• I stand strong in my power.

• I am inspired by the world around me.

• I am wise.

• I take action on my dreams .

• I make a positive impact on the world around me.

• I have mental clarity.

• I know what I want out of life.

• I am resourceful.

• I take inspired actions.

• I have everything I need within myself to create the life that I desire.

• I am reinventing myself.

• I am talented.

• I believe in myself and my abilities.

• I can create anything I put my mind to.

• I am successfully moving in the direction of my dreams.

• People are impressed by my strong ability to manifest good into my life.

• I easily transmute all situations into ones that serve my highest good.

• I am gentle yet powerful.

I hope you enjoy and find what you need in these affirmations or that you are inspired to create your own now. Thank you for stopping by!

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Tarot Affirmations (The Fool)

Tarot and affirmations are great tools to change your life on their own but today we are combining them! I’ll be starting you off with the major arcana cards to help inspire and uplift.

I like to use affirmations in my life by adding them into my daily gratitude list. An example is: I am thankful that I am learning to go outside my comfort zone.

An other great way to use affirmations is to write them in a new moon manifestation list. Example: in the next 28 days I would like to learn to go outside of my comfort zone.

You can always use affirmations by just saying them. I personally find they work best by writing them in daily gratitude or my new moon ritual. But as always do what feels right to you. If it feels good do it and say it!

If you feel resistance it’s best to re-word it by sayings I am learning. If you feel resistance still ask yourself why. The resistance is showing you something within yourself that needs healing before you can manifest it into your life.

Lets get started!


• I always make the right choices for my life.

• I trust myself and the Universe.

• I follow the path that is right for me.

• I am open to new experiences

• I am allowing fun and happiness to enter my life.

• New doors are opening up for me.

• I enjoy the journey that is my life.

• New opportunities always come my way.

• I am brave!

• I am courageous!

• I am creating beliefs that serve my highest good.

• I am willing to step outside my comfort zone.

• I am always at the right place at the right time.

• I clearly hear my intuition and take positive action.

• I love my life!

• Everything is working out for my highest and greatest good.

• I follow my bliss.

• I enjoy taking risks because they always pay off.

That was just a few. But I encourage you to pull the fool card out of your deck and create your own wonderful affirmations!

Keep your eye out for the magician affirmations! Hope you have a blessed day!

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Weekend Vibe Playlist

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This is a compilation of some of my favorite classic rock songs that get me in a dancing and singing mood or going on a pretty drive and walking in the woods. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Have a blessed weekend❤️

What are some of your favorite classics rock songs?

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Power Of Your Wardrobe

You can put magic into everyday things including the clothing you wear. It’s simple and easy! All you need is an intention and knowledge of the use of color. Today I will help you understand the energies of colors and how to apply it. Let’s get started!

First up is BLUE: Blue can be warn to help bring balance to your throat chakra. It can also be warn to bring you peace, calming and tranquil energies. Blue can also help bring you focus and good communication.

I would wear blue if you are going to a job interview or have to do public speaking.

RED: This color can help bring balance to your root chakra. Red has the energies of love, strength, passion, lust, and courage.

I would wear red if you are having fears about the foundation of your life by drawing in the energies of courage and strength to sooth the fears. Red would also be a great color to wear around someone you are trying to attract sexually. A little red goes a long way…

BROWN: This is the color of earth energy. Brown helps with stability, grounding, and longevity.

Brown is a great color to wear to bring you back down to earth and to get grounded within yourself.

GREEN: Can bring balance to your heart chakra. It also draws in the energies of money, growth, fertility, healing, luck, love and soothing emotions.

I would wear green when doing shadow work/ self healing. Also a great color to wear when gambling to draw on the money and luck energies.

PINK: My favorite color! Pink has the energies of happiness, femininity, compassion, playfulness, friendships and romance.

Pink would be a great color to wear on a date to show that you are loving and playful. Pink can also be great to wear to use the friendship energies to draw in members of your soul tribe.

PURPLE: This color can help bring balance to your third eye. Purple is a protective color from evil and is also very spiritual. Holds the energies of wisdom and knowledge.

I would wear purple during any spiritual practice especially ones like tarot reading or channeling. To draw on the wisdom and knowledge but also being protected.

YELLOW: Can bring balance to your solar plexus. Yellow holds the energies of happiness, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, and positivity.

Wear yellow if you are stressed or just down and out to draw on the positivity and happiness of the color. Can also be a great color to wear when studying or taking a test to draw on the energies of mental clarity and intelligence.

BLACK: my second favorite color. A warning about black wearing to much of it for to long can actually drain your energy and weaken your aura. Yes it hold the energies to remove negative and protection but just be carful with it.

I would wear black if you have to be around people who are negative or complain. Also wear it around anyone or place that leaves you feeling drained. I work in customer service so I tend to wear black to work a lot but I try to add in a splash of color of an other energy I want to draw in. Black is also another great color to wear during spiritual practices add in some purple!

Last but not least is WHITE: this color can help balance your crown chakra(along with gold). What I love about white is that it’s a blank canvas you can use white in place of any color or charge it with any energy you need.

When to wear white? anytime!

I know I didn’t go over ever color but this was more like a crash course to give you inspiration to look at your wardrobe in a new light. So tap into your power and create magic in your life with every day things.

If you enjoyed this post also check out my last post. https://zoiemai.wordpress.com/2020/04/10/how-i-work-spirituality-into-my-everyday-life/

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